Which enterprises do the best job in China specializing in the production of balloon accessories tool ? "BOROSINO". Get the answer, almost without exception, there will be a very sweet name.


Initially, the Borosino founded the company took a very meaningful name - "BOROSINO". "Boro", in English, a homonym of the word "balloon". SIMON says, in this era of a general lack of integrity, "as good as gold" is easier said than done. Nevertheless, we have to put our commitment to fulfill. Friends in the the Borosino festival "most arduous pioneering period, given the selfless help and support.


In BOROSINO balloon accessories company, there are two unwritten rule: First, the value of customers and employees is the same, the company's management to treat employees like the customer; second, regardless of the employees in the company how long If employees have any suggestions or comments can go directly to the manager of the company, the manager will enthusiastically serve.


Borosino said, BOROSINO festival, should always keep a grateful heart.