BOROSINO invite Dr. Yufeng Wang to be our business strategy and enterprise management consultant

Guangdong Borosino Festival Supplies Co., Ltd. has invited Dr. Yufeng Wang to serve as our business strategy and enterprise management consultant for three years (March 1, 2022 to February 28, 2025). Dr. Wang is mainly engaged in the research and teaching of strategic management and enterprise organization, and enjoys unique insights in the field of strategic management theory and practice of enterprise organization in China.


Dr. Wang Yufeng said that party culture has gone through a hundred years in foreign countries and has great development potential. In the future, he will take care of the strategic positioning and organizational development of Borosino Group. It is hoped that Borosino company will give full play to its own advantages in supply chain resources and international well-known brands. Under the leadership of Simon Chen of Borosino, it will adhere to resource integration and original design first, base itself on domestic market and look abroad, focus on party culture, cultivation of introduced talents and promotion of new media e-commerce platform, etc. Cheer for a better life together!


(Degree certificate of Dr. Wang Yufeng)

SIMON, general manager of BOROSINO, said that the appointment of Dr. Yufeng Wang as the company's strategic consultant will help the company further clarify its strategic planning and development ideas. Strategic consultants provide professional advice and support for the company's strategic development planning and major affairs decision-making, which helps to improve the company's industrial operation efficiency and maintain the company's sustainable and rapid development.