BOROSINO has Passed the SEDEX SMETA Factory Audit

Hunan BOROSINO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is BOROSINO's hunan production base, Passed the SEDEX Factory Audit, which is the opening brick to enter the European and American large retail brands.

SEDEX is a non-profit organization based in London, UK. Companies from anywhere in the world can apply for membership. Many retailers, supermarkets, brands, suppliers and other organizations require farms, factories and manufacturers they work with to undergo an ETHICAL SMETA (SEDEX Member Audit) to ensure that their operations meet the requirements of the relevant ethical standards. Audit results can be recognized by all SEDEX members and shared by them, so suppliers accepting SEDEX factory inspection can save a lot of repeated audit from customers.

Support buyers: Mostly UK retailers such as Tesco, Tesco, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury's, The Body Shop, Waitrose, etc.Many Chinese enterprises also began to implement SEDEX certification for their suppliers, and the certification content includes working hours and wages, working environment and so on. Scope of application: all industries.